Financial Management Technician

Company Name:
Department of Defense
Open to Area 1/2/3 Area 1: Open to Tenure 1 and 2 technicians of the Michigan Army and Air National Guard. Area 2: Open to members of the Michigan National Guard. Area 3: Open to those eligible for enlistment in the Michigan Air or Army National Permanent Full Time
Michigan National Guard: Join our team and serve your nation, your state and your community! It is our mission to provide relevant and ready operational military forces, consistent with our values, in support of our state and nation and to provide support to military personnel, civilian employees, families, retirees, and veterans.__
Technician Vacancy Announcement
Excepted Appointment -Permanent
Position Description: D2151000
FC/MD: 151A00
The National Guard's full-time support program requires that all military technicians are members of the National Guard and are appointed to full-time positions which correspond to their military assignments. (IAW TPR 303, 24 August 2005)
Grade inversion within the full time workforce in not permitted. The military grade must not exceed that of the supervisor. Members applying for this position and exceeding the maximum military grade listed on this job announcement MUST submit a statement in writing that they are willing to take an administrative reduction in grade to the advertised military grade on the job announcement for which applying. Applicants who exceed the military grade will NOT be placed into the technician position until they have been administratively reduced to the military grade on the job announcement.
Current Federal Employees are recommended to submit a recent SF-50(Notification of Personnel Action) with their application-To download yours visit MyBiz or your agency's personnel database.
Incumbent must maintain membership in the Michigan National Guard. Selectee must be assigned to a compatible MOS/AFSC/AOC Must be a U.S. Citizen. Wear of the military uniform is a condition of employment Direct Deposit Electronic Funds Transfer (DD/EFT) is required Completion of Pre-Employment physical may be required Individuals with military incentive bonuses may be subject to recoupment. You must obtain/maintain a military compatible position Attain/Maintain a secret security clearance
This position is located in the Air National Guard (ANG) Flying Wing, Comptroller Flight, and Financial Management Section. The purpose of this position is to provide analysis, validation, processing and correction of financial transactions and issues/problems involving the full range of financial management services and accounting functions. Incumbent uses complete understanding of interrelated systems and processes across multiple functional areas and their interoperability to ensure the validity and accuracy of all disbursements, collections, and adjustments related to financial records.
It is recommended that all applicants use the USA JOBS resume builder to apply for this vacancy. This will ensure full credit is given for the qualification requirements listed below.
In your resume you will need to address the minimum requirements and specialized experience listed below. Please use as much detail as needed, giving dates of the experience, position title and how the experience was gained. This information is needed to determine if you are qualified for the position
General Experience:
Experience, education, or training in progressively responsible clerical, office, or other work which demonstrates the candidates' ability to communicate with individuals at different levels in order to assist and provide information. Experience using computers and automated systems.
Specialized Experience:
__Must have at least 18 months experience__
__ __
doing thorough accurate work that requires a logical sequence of steps to accomplish a task.
in obtaining and interpreting information, organizing and developing clear and meaningful written information.
which included responsibility for the supervision and management of personnel.
View Occupational Questionnaire
KNOWLEDGE, SKILL AND ABILITIES (KSAs): This information is used only for rating and ranking and not used for qualifying applicants. In your application and/or resume please address the following factors in detail, giving dates of the experience and in what position the experience was gained.
Comprehensive knowledge of and skills in the interrelationships of the various
financial, personnel and computer file systems, methods, techniques, precedent cases and procedures to resolve especially difficult and/or sensitive problems. Information is used to perform complicated actions to solve problems associated with processing transactions within the financial system and multiple feeder systems, to include logistics, contracting, travel and pay systems.
Uses broad in-depth, practical knowledge, skill and judgment to reconstruct in accurate accounts, gathers and organizes information for inquires and resolves problems referred by others. Uses knowledge and skills to suggest specific changes to the guidelines and development of control mechanisms; applies experiences in additional training for customers and specific guidance related to the procedural handling of documents and information.
Knowledge and skills of the procedures and techniques to conduct difficult and responsible analysis. Applies knowledge to assess complete financial management systems to validate transactions and to perform research to resolve inconsistencies.
Knowledge of related financial regulations and rulings covering diverse types of transactions to function as a technical authority to resolve an extensive range of issues or problems. Skills in researching, interpreting, analyzing, and applying regulations, policies, procedures, legal decisions, and issuances regarding the full range of financial and commercial services provided, including public law, Fiscal Law, DoD, AF, NGB, and DFAS regulations, Standard Operating Procedures, and Comptroller General Decisions.
Knowledge and skill of fact finding and investigative techniques that identify, analyze and recommend solutions regarding fiscal accounting activity, such as: Application administration, funds control, commitments, obligations, disbursements, prepayment validation, reimbursements Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request''s, Miscellaneous Obligation/Reimbursement Document (MORD) LettersffAuthority. Applies knowledge on cash collections, reconciliations, fiscal year start-up, monthly close-outs, that culminate with fiscal year close outs; plus, accounting processing and
their effects on federal resources accounting.
Comprehensive knowledge of and skill in determining appropriate pay, allowances, and entitlements resulting from multiple military and civilian statuses, to include: Title 10 Active Duty; Title 32 IDT, AT, ADT, AGR, and ADOS. Knowledge of unique and special pay and entitlement situations to include, Base Pay, BAH, BAS, INCAP, FSA, Hazardous Duty Pay, Hostile Fire Pay, CZTE, SOAP, SLRP, Jury Duty, Child Support, Wage Garnishments, Allotments, Survivor Benefits, and other monetary incentives such as, Jump Pay, Medical Pay, Flight Pay, and Foreign Language Proficiency Pay.
Knowledge of personnel regulations and personnel management systems necessary to understand the interface with financial management systems and how they affect pay and entitlements to airmen and civilians. Knowledge of the rules, regulations, pay, and entitlements of excepted service technicians in a military status.
Comprehensive knowledge of and skill of computer master file systems, the interrelationship of various financial systems applications and the effects of those applications on existing records to modify normal automated processes while protecting historical data. Knowledge of how these modifications relate to payments, contract modifications, accessions, separations, collections, disbursements, garnishments, electronic fund transfer changes, and out of service debts or other actions involving complicated adjustments. Skill in determining appropriate travel entitlements for multiple duty statuses and situations including TOY, local travel, PCS, and ITAs.
Knowledge of tax regulations, systems, and processes involving tax documents, DITY payments, and RITA payments.
Knowledge of Fiscal Law, DoD, AF, ANG, and DFAS regulations, Standard Operating
Procedures and policies; and specific financial management regulations including DoD
Financial Management Regulation, Joint Federal Travel Regulations/Joint Travel
Regulations, Defense Travel Service Manual, Air Force Manual 65-116, Defense
Civilian Pay Manual, Air National Guard (ANG) Standard Operating Procedures, policy memorandums, and issuances regarding fiscal accounting procedures and rulings.
Comprehensive knowledge of and skill in determining appropriate payments to vendors by applying Prompt Payment Act, tax law, contract law, account code structure, and invoice processes, Grants and Cooperative Agreement regulations and their effects on the accounting system.
Knowledge of fact finding, investigative and problem solving techniques involving reconciliations of discrepancies such as, Electronic Funds Transfer rejects, pay/personnel/travel mismatches and pay timeliness, that identify, analyze and recommend solutions regarding financial services, multiple entitlements, and payments to personnel in various duty statuses and commercial vendors which may include computation of interest due.
Knowledge and skill in applying principles and practices involving data protected under the Privacy Act. Knowledge and skills regarding records management.
Knowledge and skill of auditing procedures in order to analyze the full range of pay, travel, accounts payable pay authorizations, and entitlements to determine compliance with multiple laws, regulations, policies, and issuances.
_Substitution of Education for Specialized Experience_ _ - _ None
If you are a male applicant who was born after 12/31/1959 and are required to register under the Military Selective Service Act, the Defense Authorization Act of 1986 requires that you be registered or you are not eligible for appointment in this agency.
1. Properly submitted application materials will be reviewed for qualifications after the closing date HRO will use the applicable Qualification Standards when evaluating applicant's minimum Qualifications.
2. Candidates must meet the basic qualifications established for the position (general and specialized experience) including any selective placement factors, listed on the vacancy announcement. Applicants who meet the minimum qualifications will be considered basically eligible and will be rated as qualified. Applicants not meeting the minimum qualifications will be informed by the HRO as to the reason for their ineligibility. Experience as described on the application/resume will be evaluated in terms of type and quality in relation to the requirements of the position.
3. Applicants' National Guard experience (Traditional Guard) will be credited as full-time experience (day-for day) when determining minimum qualifications.
I t is recommended that all applicants use the USA JOBS resume builder to apply for this vacancy. This will ensure full credit is given for the qualification requirements.
Choose one of the following OPTIONS: _ Use the_ Apply Online option_ and the_ _Online Qualifications Questionnaire_ _ for convenience and quickest processing_.
OPTION A: Apply Online
1.Click Apply Online button and follow the prompted instructions
2.Check all appropriate boxes and click Apply for this position now!
3.Create an Application Manager account or if one is created sign in and answer all questions.
4. All Applicants must go through USAJOBS to reach the Application Manager.
5.You must click both Finish and Submit my answers now when you are done.
_ _
OPTION B: Apply By FAX and Paper Qualifications Questionnaire.
If it is not practical for you to use the Apply Online _, you can write your answers on paper and fax your resume_
1.Print a copy of this job announcement so that you can read the questions offline.
2.Obtain and print a copy of the OPM Form 1203-FX , which you will use to provide your answers. You can obtain the form here
or by calling USAJOBS by Phone at -after the introduction, press 1, and listen for instructions.
the Form 1203-FX.
a.Refer to the printed vacancy announcement as you answer the questions.
b.You may omit any optional information; however, you must provide responses to all required questions. Be sure to double check your application before submission.
4.Submit the Form 1203-FX, resume, and any supporting documents by fax
a. _By Fax:_ If you are faxing a Form 1203-FX, you do not need a separate cover sheet. Simply make sure the Form 1203-FX is on top of any other documents you are faxing. If you are faxing documents without the 1203-FX on top, always use the official cover sheet here ( ) and be sure to fill it out completely and clearly. The fax number is . Feed all documents into your fax machine top first so that we receive them right-side up.
5.Please do not send/fax/courier/email any applications or resumes to the National Guard Human Resource Office, you must apply on-line or fax your application to the fax number listed on this announcement with the prescribed Cover Letter. The Human Resource can only process materials received through USAJOBS .
TIPS FOR USING THE APPLY ONLINE FUNCTION: Your Online Qualifications Questionnaire is not processed - and your r sum is not attached until you click the Submit button, even if USAJOBS says it sent your r sum .
You can upload or fax supporting documents after you Submit the _Online Qualifications Questionnaire._
You must complete the entire process by _Midnight EST_ of the closing date
To make sure everything you submitted is successfully received, follow these steps:
1.Go to
and log in using the box on the right hand side of the page.
2.Verify that all of your documents appear on the table with a status of Processed .
3.You can save your work and come back later. Just click both Save and Logout. (When you want to return, go to
and log in using the box on the right hand side of the page.)
If you submit more than one _Qualifications Questionnaire_ for this position, the most recent one submitted is the one that is used. Therefore, it is important for you to complete it in its entirety.
If your r sum is going to come from the USAJOBS Resume Builder, you also begin the process by clicking the Apply Online button. Your r sum will be attached only to the _Online Qualifications Questionnaire_ _._ You complete and submit from this session and not to any _Qualifications Questionnaires_ you may already have saved or submitted.
Required Documents: Current Resume
Optional Documents: DD-214s, any other supporting documents, transcripts
I t is recommended that all applicants use the USA JOBS resume builder to apply for this vacancy. This will ensure full credit is given for the qualification requirements.
Your resume, curriculum vitae, the Optional Application for Federal Employment (OF 612), or any other written format you choose to describe your job-related qualifications. Your document(s) can be submitted electronically using the document upload process or by fax. Please ensure that your resume contains your full name, address, phone and at least your last four digits of your social security number.

Resume Help and Tips
How to create your resume
Most Effective Resumes
Writing Your Federal Resume (Video)
5 Tips for Communicating Your Qualifications (Video)
Sample Resumes and Cover Letters
Federal - Military
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Cover Letter - general
Thank You Letter

Verbiage displayed on your resume or application must contain your own words. You may refer to position descriptions i.e. the general and specialized experience located within the vacancy announcement to assist with describing work experience; however, resumes or applications received in verbatim will not be considered.
1. Once your entire application and resume is received you will receive an acknowledgement email that your submission was successful.
2. Your application documents and resume will be reviewed and graded .
3. All qualified applications within each area of consideration will be forwarded to the Hiring Organization Selecting Official for review and evaluation in accordance with applicable regulations and agreements. (There is no limit to the number of applications which may be considered by a selecting official within an area of consideration.)
4. You will receive an email informing you of the status of your application.
5. If at any time, prior to close of business on closing date, you have any questions about the application process you may reach the agency contact above.
The following Web addresses are provided for your reference to explore the major benefits offered to most Federal employees.
Main site for new federal employees -
Flexible Spending Accounts - This Program allows you to pay for certain health and dependent care expenses with pre-tax dollars. For additional information visit:
Health Insurance - The FEHB Program offers over 100 optional plans. For additional information visit:
Leave - Most Federal employees earn both annual and sick leave. For additional information visit:
Life Insurance - The FEGLI Program offers Basic Life Insurance plus three types of optional insurance, for additional information visit:
Long Term Care Insurance - The FLTCIP provides long term care insurance for Federal employees and their parents, parents-in-law, stepparents, spouses, and adult children. For additional information visit: /
Retirement Program - Almost all new employees are automatically covered by the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS). FERS is a three-tiered retirement plan. The three tiers are: Social Security Benefits, Basic Benefit Plan, Thrift Savings Plan. For additional information visit:
The Michigan National Guard is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Selection for this position will be made without regard to race, religion, age, sex, national origin, political affiliation, marital status, membership or non-membership in an employee organization, or any other non-merit factor except where military assignments preclude female membership.

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